— Gentrify : I just learned a new word —


The video I learned the word gentrify from …

If you want to feed the war pigs, go to youtube to see it… I’m sick of power seekers screwing up the world. The only good line out of it is the Word Gentrify in it  “You Can’t Gentrify the soul of a nation”


I just sat through the 1st republican debate on youtube, a couple of weeks late. It was a classic rehearsed display of propaganda… it was ungentrified talk talk talk, you know they’re liars… feathers in the wind.

They say flowery words that smell good, and you’re supposed to believe in them. I see debates as lies growing wild, they’re quickly forgotten when the campaign’s over.


Verb: gentrify
1. Renovate so as to make it conform to middle-class aspirations


They’re just trying to restore the neighborhood of the public opinion to be seen in favor of the middle class, cause that’s their voting power. The middle class is tired of being shit on and then wiped off like an ass with diarrhea, it has been that scene every election, since I was born.

I grant that it is a major job that needs to be given to a level headed person, that isn’t obsessed with covering their own ass, and needs to be a man of integrity that is willing to choose a direction, and see it through rather than be bought off by corporate interests.

You could compare it to sailing the seven seas, and there are storms that we have to go through, or go around, but that change in course is quickly forgotten and never gotten back to…the integrity fades, cause it’s hard to hold on to in the face of the storms.


The Guantanamo debacle get’s closed by making Cuba friends again, we don’t look at the failed promises of the campaigns, and we improve the prison system that we wanted to close.

Cuba has always been my friend, I never had anything against them… it was all the political dictators making their plays in the game of politics, which I won’t play. I see no benefit to the game, it kills and discards human lives like garbage through wars.

It makes me sick, when I witness the stupidity of mankind, and unless you are willing to be stupid too, you can’t change the world without making you a part of that stupidity.

After watching the debate, I was depressed from watching the choices… even Ben Carson said something stupid, when he mentioned giving more power to the military, that we need them to get anything done, they made it close minded and chose who they wanted to answer questions.

I like the tax policies of Ben Carson, which he got the bell just after he mentioned it… the corporate shakers and bakers, wanted to move on.

Well, I’ll move on… I see it as all a waste of time and egocentric babble to make the campaigners feel good, while they lie to the American people, which has been going on since I was born at least.