Fungi : The New Plastic

— Fungi : The New Plastic —



This is sort of an old idea, I saw a couple of years ago, and I thought it was a great idea, I hoped they would perfect it, so that the fungi didn’t spread and be dangerous to humankind. It means killing a lot of fungi, which I’m reminded of the Starflight game by Electronic Arts which was the galaxy was deteriorating and the fungi which was discarded as trash, was the key to saving the galaxy.


Copied from Wikipedia 1986 game Starflight

“Commander McConnell’s last journal entry can be found on the surface of the Crystal Planet; in it, he shares his discovery that Endurium is actually a race of living, sentient beings who are being burned up as fuel for interstellar travel. Because their metabolism is extremely slow due to their crystalline makeup, they are not even aware of outside life and have come to view other races as a virus.”


It wasn’t a fungi, but it was some other fuel source for interstellar travel, so I don’t know why I thought of that, but it was some of life that was a race of sentient beings… sentient beings feel pain and are capable of feeling suffering, I think all life is sentient on this planet.

Maybe that’s why this game to my mind discussing fungi as new form of plastic, cause I have a feeling that all life is sentient, even plants. The way they feel is not so painful as human pain, but they feel all the same. Their pain is like a brush of the skin on a human, subtle but noticeable.

So I have a problem with it… I’m a very inquisitive… what level of pain feelings is sentiently felt by the fungi?

I blame Electronic Arts for my predicament… but it’s a great idea, if they perfect the contagions of fungi, but I wonder what’s in the future of this new plastic.

The future only knows…