Trees of Designs

Designs of Trees
Trees of Designs
Mainly Trees are Designed

The Video is from Motivation Manifested.

I was calling myself the “Trees”, but it faded, and Mom set me on the path to “Rain”.

Now I’m growing slowly in the woods, and my life in the dark, growing slowly, and bending towards the daylight.

It makes me look like a deformed little tree seeking the light, among the tall towering trees that grew strong and straight, while I just started growing, and hopefully I’ll get to produce good fruit… and not be just another weed.
Though weeds are good too… they’re just misunderstood plants or special healers.

Imagination of a small tree sprout coming up out of the Earth, and struggling to reach the daylight. It looks like it will die, then another day it grows stronger, and manages to grow taller to face the sunlight… each second of sunlight makes me grow stronger, and makes my trunk to grow wider and stronger… and a smaller bit taller.

I would love to produce a fruit to make you wiser, and see, and not be so naive. It could be a psychotropic agent to enhance your conscientiousness, and make you more aware of your situations, without addicting you to it… it should be used sparingly… I wouldn’t want to make you addicts, and unaware of your surroundings… you eat the fruit, and it makes you wiser, and aware of your surroundings.

Once you learn of your surroundings, you need to ponder the amazements of your surroundings, and not think about your next fix… or bite… it should used sparingly, and not used as an addict, or it makes you delusional and distorted.

Think of it as a treat, the buzz is enlightening, and should last you a year, and once you learn everyday about your environment, and once you understand all of it… you gather what you learned, and draw out your plans, like a blueprint, or an architectural drawing, to see what you can build out of your experience with the Treat.

Always seek the truth in the light, and not be made weak and weaker by false lights, which stunts your growth… and makes you grow more depressed.
With wasted energy on growing, before your growth is determined to be useless, and a life of darkness is born.

The trees of life and knowledge, is a tall tree of knowledge, but the fruits are of good and evil… they enhance your minds with good decisions, and teach you get the ripe fruit for a sweet pleasant bite… or an unripe fruit for a bitter and sour bite.
And the tree of life is eternal, and the fruits are of infinitely existences of change, and growing to learn more.
But that tree is forbidden from us, when we were kicked out the garden of Eden.

I’m speaking metaphorically here, not literally… I’m not a tree, I’m one in my imagination, with my mind… and heart.

Allegorically speaking stories, until I understand… is the way we all think and pray for answers… to sanity in a crazy world, with endless paths to successes or failures… and it gets draining to your resources at times, and sometimes not.
You have to keep enduring to reach the light, that is true, and not some grow light that can be turned off by a switch, and leave you in the dark

Grow well my fellow humans.