Tree of Love without Discipline

— Tree of Love without Discipline —




I found this Paper that I wrote, I didn’t give a date for, so I don’t know when it was… but it made more sense to me than when I wrote it. Here it is ” A Vision” :


A Vision

I had a vision, that a tree had no trunk to support its branches,
and the branches were scattered around the roots, on the ground.

Its fruit was rotting from the morning dew,
and swarms of insects feasted effortlessly on its nectar.
No man could eat of it.

And the Spirit of the Lord, showed to me
that this is the tree of love without discipline.

Without discipline, we gain no heights,
we satisfy our pleasures and find no joy.

We are taken advantage of by those looking to gain from our kindness,
and in our bitterness to this, we have no love to give to those who are worthy or in need

The way the world is today, it has many bugs that thrive on our good natures, and feast on our kindnesses and take away our love without discipline, cause we feed the low life’s without appreciation that take and take with a gorging appetite, and take away from the low life’s that need, and who are worthy.
The low life’s have two sides, like high life’s have two sides, where one side hides the tree of love and steals the fruits off of it, whether it grows on the ground or in the heights.
I learned a new point, without discipline, we don’t reach new heights and new views, though everything we see is a mirage, illusion, or delusion. Which brings up the temporal side of this world, we leave it at our death.
I don’t know what goes on after death, but I suspect that it’s still the same, we explore, and explore new things and new awarenesses. There might not be temporal feelings like in this world, sadness, pain, tears, etc. ,  but I conjecture this fact on my suspicions, and not fact, it is only my hopes… and faith is the evidence of your hopes, oh I stand corrected:

Hebrews 11:1

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

I knew it was phrased differently, but I’m getting old and quickness of youth and mind, moves slower.
We need to contemplate the points over and over to reinforce it in our minds and hearts, so that we need no laws to guide our growth.