Day’s over

— Day’s over —

Good night, it seems I have to say it.

We say things to give us comfort, it is for our comfort and others. It’s formal, but its cordial, sincere… and I’m tired, and can’t think of anything else to say, but Good Night.

I had a very interesting day, machine problems, and friends cutting firewood for next year. I started getting the greenhouse together with a neighbor friend, I have to run the extensions to the drip system, and I have to connect another water line to a temporary sink to wash the vegetables at harvest time this year.

My Dad is coming home from the hospital, again, and hopefully he won’t go in again. Every time he goes in the hospital, he declines in his health both mentally and physically from the drugs that they feed him. He’s going home where he eats Mom’s cooking, and nurses will help, and he’ll be weeded off of all the drugs. When he’s in the hospital he doesn’t like to eat, I wonder why, it’s hospital food, it’s supposed to be healthy… I didn’t like the hospital food either.

I spent years in hospitals, so I know the food.

I been deep this day in trials of mind, and had to make decisions, something we all do everyday. What to do? Do I get out of bed? Do I smile and acknowledge the other person with a greeting?

I wake everyday and ask those questions, along with other ones, somedays are better than yesterday, and others are worse, it depends on the pains that get more and more with age. Somedays are better than others, and somedays are worse, that about sums up my feelings for today.

I just want to go to bed, and sleep and wake with no pain…