The new Mafia…organized crime families of domains transfer

The New Mafia

The Registrars are the new sopranos of the Internet, I got a private registration, that was a mistake.
It evens locks me out.

What idiot would pay for an email he can’t get to…it seems I did.

Now I have to hire somebody to settle this matter, which is another expense, the WWW is the stickiest web, it sucks the money out of you.
I see the battle between good and bad taking place on the web, we live virtually on the web, and before the Armageddon takes place in the real world, we need to see it so we can make plans for the real thing.
I’m sorry it doesn’t work that way.

The more I try to figure God out, the more mysterious God becomes, the more evasive the revelations.
I wish God was that simple, but God is more than we can contain.

 Dear “Tomidjah”,
The transfer of could not be completed. The administrative contact for this domain did not respond to the authorization email sent by our registrar – Tucows.
We will now re-initiate the transfer. Please, make sure that you have access to the registrant/administrative contact email and domain authorization key (EPP key) to authorize the transfer.
If you have further questions or require additional assistance, please visit our HelpDesk. We will be glad to assist you.
Best regards,
The SiteGround Team

I received this today from SiteGround. It’s like setting up a state/govt to rule over freedoms. We set up a rotten state and what we build on it requires shifting and movement of a rotting foundation.

Yahoo Web services sold me to Melbourne IT(Registrars/Resellers), and they have the email that I need to get to, and when I went to their site, they wouldn’t let me in, and I saw a lot of people complaining of the same thing, that I was complaining about.
The time was not right, it requires 60 days by ICANN rules, before you could do anything in a delusional world, that claims it is a better world than what the world was about 40 years ago.
It’s an illusion, a delusion is more like it.

You’ve moved all the bad of the world to virtual plane, before you’ve moved all the good of the world, and the bad was first and claimed all the power. It’s a war to say the least.

The 60 day rule is a stumbling block on my path to say the least, please explain it to me, why you need 60 days to complete a transfer, in the digital age, it’s like talking to retards…oh I forgot I wasn’t supposed to say retards, the real politically correct term is Mentally Challenged, well that you are.

I’m at the end of my rant, and I have nowhere to grab, I went through this rant over a month ago…and it comes to bite me in the ass again.
I need a shock collar, to stop these vicious dogs.

Well, I need a music video to end this rant.

This song is personal for me, and it’s my motivation to get through this world of delusions. Where people give credence to the belief that money makes the world go round, cause you designed the world to be that way, it doesn’t make it true. It’s delusional in my view.

One Day – Matisyahu