Resentment, or just feeling sorry for yourself?

Bullet Mad

Resentment clogs up the pipes with false accusations and suspicions, some might be true, though not to the extremes you’re fighting.

You need to think about what you’re mad at, and does that person deserve the judgement that you feel. Even though you feel that they do, it might not be to the extreme that you judge them.

One example is what you assume, might not be what happened. It may be what happened, but not the way you imagine it. You tend to blow things out of proportion in your imaginations. Exaggerate in excessiveness of what happened, imaginations are a deceptive creature. Suspicions give rise to paranoid fears, your suspicions might reveal the truth or lies.

Just don’t be surprised if you lied to yourself.
Classic example is your late and your wife is imagining you are at the bar, but you are stuck in a traffic jam… oh this is the age of cell phones, you lost your phone, and you are stuck in a traffic jam. When you arrive home you get in a fight, cause you left her to go over her fears over and over again. You’re a recovering alcoholic, I forgot to mention.
She was worried about you, and you need to recognize it, but you’re mad for sitting in traffic for 2 hours, all because of an accident.

Resentment and bitterness are the only fruits that you have to chew on, don’t bite them and enjoy them. You only thought of going to a bar while you were in the traffic jam, not that you did, but you had 2 hours of going nowhere, so your mind wanders into the darkness.Bring Peaceful thoughts

You need to get “Over It” like the Eagles song. Think calming thoughts, instead of resentful feelings.

Just Get Over it! You’re both wrong and right, you just don’t agree to the degree of the accusations. Assumptions feed the fears, and “resentment” gets fat and lazy and sit on the couch in your mind, yelling at the TV, the thoughts in your head.

Kick resentment out of your living room, and look at the situation for what it is, not what’s in your mind, especially if resentment put it there.
Resentment has a say for your questions to the situations, but he/she is paranoid schizo, and best not running your life.

Resentment needs to live, for it’s part of your ego, and is there for a reason, but not a powerful reason, then it’s just a loudmouth egocentric despot looking to be served by you. It’s the other way around, it needs to serve you.

Ego is in charge of your self esteem, when it’s healthy you feel good, when it’s unhealthy you feel resentment, or just feeling sorry for yourself.