Faith? What’s that?

Faith, in Lies or Truth?

dove-308571_150 In our search for the truth, we come across lies and lies, and we need to go on and on, not wavering in our search.
We need Faith, to accomplish that, not blind faith, but faith, not afraid of blind faith, cause sometimes you need to be blind.
I was weak when I was younger, not the arrogant young man, I am now.
Yeah I know, I’m arrogant, and I call all of you arrogant to the core of your being, or sniveling cowards. I’ve been both, so I don’t feel any shame in my words, you know that saying “you have to be one to know one.”
I’m arrogant now in saying that.

Faith is a very special character, we know the meaning of words, but not how to enact them. We seek the easy way with our dicks/clits to express love, but all they do is take instead of give, and that is basis of love, unconditional giving.
Faith is the same way, it’s not measured by money, because when the people gave alms in Jesus’ day, and the poor widow gave 2 mites, all that she had, he praised her, and said she give more than the rich men that gave only a portion of their worth.
I don’t know what 2 mites was worth, but they lived poorly in those days, it was all she had. While the rich bastards were giving only a portion of their wealth.

That is a sign of faith, a blind faith that God will reward. I wish I had that faith. All the knowledge that is available on the Internet today, is the road to suffering, cause he that increases knowledge, increases suffering.

Eccl 1:18 —  “For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increases knowledge increases sorrow”

I wish we can become enlightened without suffering, but I don’t understand the workings of the world, that is at constant war with God.
Faith is a blessing when we enact it right, it is a curse when we enact it emotionally, cause we are blind in emotions, and we think we are doing right, but we are destructive in our actions, which is the curse.

Emotional faith is sometimes right and sometimes wrong, it’s right when we reason to act and our emotions to stay on course, it’s wrong and destructive when we go blindly pushing another’s rights just for the sake of recognition, that you have the power.
It does nothing, but a tyrannical move on your part for recognition.
You lie and don’t see it as a lie, because God’s on your side. Well God’s on your side when you’re telling the truth, you’re in denial when you talk for God with lies.
My faith is Catholicism, which I denied when they were sending me to Hell at 7 years old, cause I missed mass. Which the nuns said it was a mortal sin, and mortal sins they said were unforgivable.
I had a hard time with the teachings of the catholic church, they strangled all the knowledge in the libraries, much like the NSA of the Govt today.

I’m a real christian, meaning I follow the examples of Christ, this man was willing to die to make his point. I don’t follow the religions of the world, cause they are filled with distortions, with a web of lies and truth…and endless debates.
The debates only reveal the truth to make another argument, it’s like you’re on a road to hell and they give mile markers, and then your dead.

I like to believe that I will not die, but rest till I’m awakened again. That is my faith. I can’t wait to be awakened from this nightmare, and dreams, but mostly a nightmare.

I know my arrogance is a sin, that I look to control, I know it’s wrong, but it’s my demons that i wrestle. We all have demons/vices that we fight, greed, perversions, porn, etc.. I don’t judge you, so don’t judge me, I’m only sharing with you my feelings and the knowledge that I bear.

So while I bear the tail between my legs, off I go in peace, and leave you with this song by Mingo Fishtrap.