Some serious deep Thoughts

— Some serious deep Thoughts —


I was listening to Anna Graceman today, and the new Song – Miles Away was the trigger for these thoughts, one line in the song was the domino that started the chain reaction of thoughts, that filled my head.

“We’ve learned so much
But we still don’t understand”


It set off a series of thoughts that didn’t have anything to do with the song, at least in my mind.

I thought of the AI singularity that is coming, and is inevitable, we know a lot of something, but we don’t understand it. It probably wasn’t never meant by Anna Graceman in the song, but when it entered into my mind’s thoughts, these thoughts filled my head through the lyrics.

These are deep thoughts that need to be thought/talked about, even if in silence of the solitude of the reader of this blog/rant, it needs to be thought about, so that you’re not surprised by it, when it occurs in the future.

I had to shut her off the Anna Graceman playlist on Youtube, it was distracting with writing this rant.

The thoughts that filled my head after I thought about learning so much, but we still don’t understand, that lead to these thoughts, and now I’ll dive deeper and try to make sense of this pressure.

We gain knowledge that we don’t understand, it’s a classic sign of heavy burdens. Understanding brings support with the weight involved, and gives you the strength to go on.

Understandings are the manifestations of love, in my eyes, but they are not the absolutes of life. I believe there are no absolutes, what was once true a thousand years ago is very different from the absolutes today, and that’s not talking about the other worlds where the absolutes will be very different, cause the physical laws are very different, where gravity on this world gives different results from the algorithms on the moon.

The variables are numerous and unmeasurable in this world, at least for now, cause the world is still a mystery to us. We can give up to the mystery, but we explore every nook and cranny, and gain more knowledge and questions, which in my opinion is endless, every answer breeds more questions. The more we eat the more hungrier we get… we need to control our disciplines.

Which is a mystery to me… but I’ll try to understand to my death.

I don’t know a thing, but I have the curiosity disease…I inquire a lot. Which is annoying to many and me too, it’s like an endless itch that keeps getting itchier with every scratch.

The lyrics are weird … they lead to another realm, another dimension of life… it’s like a domino setup, one thought leads to another thought, and so on and so on. The next thought depends on the previous thought’s process or choices, and that determines the next thought, that goes on like a blind man feeling the walls for the truth or lies…. the deeper you go, the deeper and heavier the pressure.

Well, I’m all scratched out, but I planted the seed, now you’re itchy… carry on my Wayward son