Watering Strengths or Weaknesses

— Watering Strengths or Weaknesses —



Watering strengths or weaknesses, you have to make that choice.

Water doesn’t have any nutritional value, except for certain minerals, but without it, we will shrivel up and die.

I learned that I needed water, to have strength. Which was a surprise to me, cause it was a tasteless and odorless form of strength. Basically two hydrogen molecules bonding with one oxygen molecule, makes water. Something so simple, it is the miracle of life, in all its forms.

I’m in a wheelchair, and have a lot of pains, which have multiplied more and more in my late fifties. I recently couldn’t find the strength to get in my van, but I decided to drink a lot of water, and to my surprise, I managed to get the strength to get in the van. Also, all my joint pains started fading in to oblivion.

I didn’t put my feet in first, I always done it with my feet down, though different ways for different people. With this video, you get an idea how I do it.


We are like plants, that can die with too much water too, and not well drained soil. Watering strengths instead of weaknesses. The weaknesses is what makes you weak and stupid, the strengths is what gives you strength physically and emotionally. A sound mind too, is a strength.

Water is what makes it easy to grow, but there are plants that thrive in dry weather, like the desert. Such as cacti, that stores water in their meaty tissues, and they don’t need the water as much. I must be a tree that needs water to survive. I can’t store the water, I need a daily intake of water.

Cause when I’m dehydrated, I’m weak, and not worth the strength that I need. It’s like I’m lethargic, but when I’m fully hydrated, I find I can do more, than not. Also a lot more strength, and less pains.

I’m not twenty any more. I was thriving when I was young and full of vigor, but I lost my vigor at 55 years old, and it continually lost it more and more, as I grew older.

So drink about 6 full glasses of water a day, and the pains go away. It must lubricate your joints, and dulls the pains, so they don’t seem so painful.


The PH of water is a strong factor too. My water from my well is around 7 PH, which is good, but some bottled water is around 4 or 5, which is acidic and bad for you. Some water is very alkaline which is good.

Just add a dash of a little baking soda to any acidic water, and it raises the PH of the water. It also is good for a case of the heartburn. It’s better than Alka Seltzer… which is sodium bicarbonate. The instant neutralizer of stomach acid, it clears it up heartburn in seconds. If you got a really bad case of indigestion, it might take a minute. The dosages is a tricky subject, cause it has laxative effects.

Baking soda is the miracle cure that inhabits the world of medicine, it kills all fungus infections…at least it puts it in check. I’m not a doctor, so I don’t want to preach it as a miracle cure, cause there are moments, where it will not work. I hope you don’t see those moments.


I can’t say this enough, cause when I turned 55, which was 3 years ago I knew that I needed a lot more water to move around painlessly, but I never associated it with strength. Well, I proved it to myself lately, and I’ll never forget it.

Drink a lot of water. There is watering strengths in the oxygen…you need the strength in the hydrogen too, but I guess it’s more in the oxygen.

I hope this sinks in, it might not work with you, you might be a cacti… but all you tree people, it takes water to make you happy and strong.


Oregon just passed a bill to deny Nestle’s corporation from privatizing their water, and selling it back to them. Water is the new gold and silver.