Tomidjah’s Rant #11 – Lamentations

—  Lamentations


With the scams being brought upon the innocent and the meek, by the strong misguided people, I’m left getting a gun and blowing my own brains out, or drugging myself into a coma, either way would be better than the life I have now.

IRS scams, insurance scams, freedom scams, etc, etc… I get going with the scams, and it never fails to bring my blood to a boil. The thought of getting anything out of life that’s worth it, but a picture of good scenery, I wonder why we don’t all kill ourselves.

God hear me, and my pains…with the whinings of a foolish man.

I watched the animal cruelties videos, that set me into this mode.

We should have hope, but there is none, by my view. I want to wipe away my existence from this life, this is just making me more depressed, and wiping the hope away from my life.

This is supposed to wipe away grief, but I take in more grief with every sentence, and spinning me around like a whirlpool in a toilet flush, but their is more grief than I can flush.


Chapter 2 of the Lamentations

The IRS scams is on both sides of the fence. The IRS is a scam in itself, and you have scam artists claiming to be from the IRS. Insurance scams on top of that. Everyone who pulled an insurance scam, you are to blame with what’s happening with the insurance industry.

The thought of a cashless society would be hell incarnate. Without love hell exists, no matter what your ideology is. It’s either fighting egos with the pomposity of the wise, being displayed by fools. Or the sacred cow of the Hinduism making human burgers. What’s more hell like, than that?

Instead of customer service, it’s more like customer slavery. They no longer serve the public, but the public has been put into servitude with paying bills, and working to make the authorities happy.

I thought it was the other way around, at least in my mind, it was last night.

I probably won’t publish this, but I’m tempted, making you all feel my pains.


Reflections and Conclusion

This was written a couple of years ago, and I needed to post this draft June 26th, 2019… I skipped the month of May.

I want to warn you for the  call to war, missioned by false flags with Iran. We seek to piss them off by being a hard ass with the sanctions, and not keeping our contract with them.

And recently with the false flag, or a misunderstanding over borders by shooting down our drone.

They call our president a retard, not being PC, which is what Trump espouses… he favors for calling it, what it is.

I’m on the Iranain’s side with the retard statement. He’s so egotistical, and he’s like a spoiled child. You give him what he wants, or he shuts down the govt to get his way.

It didn’t work for him at the beginning of this year… and he blamed the democrats, after he made this statement, for this debacle.

And now he wants to make a stink in the news, to distract the people for what he’s doing… to hold power with starting a war with Iran before the 2020 election.


It’s all a game, or the Art of the Deal with the American the ignorant pawns, and other chess pieces, which would be other corporations.

This made me mad, with Pompeo espousing this, who do we trust.

He’s supposed to be our secretary of state.


With this info…or disinfo, or misinfo, whatever the info, it’s all a game to them.

We’re just left to suffer the consequences, with whatever they choose… it’s been that way, since I was born  into this world. We continue to make the same moves, expecting different results.


“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
— Albert Einstein(not sure of this)


Well, be warned… don’t believe all you hear, or another senseless war will occur.