Spirit? How to define it?

— Spirit? How to define it? —


spirit-751277_640This will be either a long tedious writing or a short witty whimsical writing, or both… The scriptures were written from the inspirations of the spirit of mankind.

Spirit is such a word that encapsulates all that’s living and dead… it covers memories of the living and the dead too.

Spirit is in everything, but we fail to define it, rather than blindly accept it, without knowing the definition, like zombies.

When we hear the word spirit, what do we feel? Is it an uneasiness? A confusing feeling, or a sure feeling that we know what it means, and can explain it to another individual?

Whatever it means, I can say I heard it all my life, and I don’t know what it means, except that it’s invisible to the naked eye, but not to the insides of mankind/humanity. It’s in everyone and makes our hearts beat, it’s the power that makes our hearts beat.

It’s spirit… the word spirit was known at the beginning of the story of creation, God breathed the breath of life into man and man became a living soul, he didn’t get a soul, he became a living soul.


Soul is another of those mean anything words, that can be enlightening or confusing.

We have the freedoms to define it, and complicate it or simplify it, which brings up the confusion factor. Do we agree with it or not? Where we have to choose or not, which further propagates/multiplies the confusion factor.

We define a myriad of choices, some wrong, but sounds logical, as if it was true, and some are outright ridiculous, that we swear it can’t be true. Much like the myth that man could not fly, they mocked the people that brought that up in the 1800’s and before, nowadays it is an accepted fact, but before the first man flew, it was a joke.


The spirit is in mankind talking to him/her everyday, and many don’t give credit  to the idea that was formed in the mind, and how it came about to be into existence… they claim it as their own thought… rather than an idea that they witnessed floating by, they quickly gobbled it up and claimed it as their own property.

The ideas are eternal, they flow along the idea current, much like algaes in the gulf streams… as a food source of the various marine animals.

The ideas are our food sources which flow through our minds in the gulf stream of our existence.


The whole patent debacle was formed to give credit where credit was due, but was quickly corrupted and is now blocking the flow of ideas, which were shared without reward in mind… a total grace, to keep the flow moving, but that was short lived and quickly a big blob of corruption was blocking the flow.

I’m going off on a tangent here, but you know what I’m talking about… it’s hard to chase the spirit when you want to capture the spirit in a cage, which is what religions today and of old, always tried to do. They want a spirit in a cage that they present to the individuals as an understanding they want to share, an interpretation of scriptures or a lesson of their wit.

You can’t capture God, cause God is too big and vast. God’s spirit is said to inhabit the universe, which is our Milky Way and all the other galaxies combined, and beyond to what other understandings lie beyond the physical realm.

Cause God is spirit, I would rather define spirit to make sense first before you praise what you don’t understand, and passing judgments in God’s name… I know if it was me, and the atrocities passed on by religions on the public in my name, it would piss me off to say the least… even criminal in some cases.

I would be lock them up, but that would make me an animal with the same judgments I would judge. It’s a tricky subject, judgments, you’re dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t.


Which brings up the dimensional theory of a spiritual existence, there are many levels of existence… dimensions are those levels. We only understand 3D levels of existence of the physical world, there are many theories of many more dimensions of existence, but that would make this a tedious writing, but tediousness is waste of time… well not for me, but a waste of time for you.

Are those dimensions physical or spiritual?

spiritual-443619_640We don’t know enough of this world, which is physical to fully understand it. We don’t know yet what is spiritual? Are there many more dimensions? Are they spiritual or physical?

I’m repeating myself like burping, confusing myself babbling at whims.

I think the spirit has left me… so I fade into silence, where the spirit lives… and let the spirit teach you of things that I brought up. We need to understand the spirit, cause that brings us closer to the divine spirit, but we never want to capture the spirit, cause that’s impossible for now, but maybe in the future we’ll sit in communion with the great spirit.

IDK… in fact, I wonder if I’ll ever know.  They say knowledge is the road to suffering, and the world today is a witness of that, we see all the new wonders of knowledge, but we see more suffering on a global scale, so I guess it’s true.

But the spirit can be delusional too, it’s when you think you know what God wants, and passing your delusional judgments on others, which enraged Jesus… Muhammad too, but the Catholic church was passing lies, but Muhammad was delusional cause he tried to capture God in his little cage.

Really any religion is a cage for God, they try to explain God which limits God… it’s like a parent with the many kids clinging to their robes… just let God be God, and learn from the examples that God shows you. God is not an individual, Jesus is the closest example of God for us… at least for me.

Oh the spirit’s back… and the ego’s back too, there is a battle going on with the truth and the lies. I need to get cover from the shrapnel of the bombs. I just wanted to share what the spirit said… whether it’s the spirit of truth or the spirit of lies, it’s definitely the spirit of God.

Isaiah 45:7

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”



It’s a Sign of the Times


I Hear the same old song ticking in my head
It’s the same one I hear year after year
I see things go by one by one
Not afraid to live not afraid to die
But there are times I look around me
And the tears form in my eyes
It’s a sign, I guess, of the Times
People on the streets Talking one language
People in the seats Speaking down
Everybody talking about the way it is
But it’s this way from town to town
I guess it’s Time
It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign,
It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign of the Times
It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign,
It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign of the Times
Everybody thinks that they can communicate
They use words that mean one thing
And others that mean something else
Well -This is communication!
Can someone explain it to me –
Am I communicating?
Well I’m not sure
I guess it’s a sign
It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign,
It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign of the Times
It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign,
It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign of the Times
{It’s Like uh uh …You Know
Think about it
Whatta you mean Think about it?
I mean think about it }
You see it’s Like a moth flying to the light so blindly
So full of desire So full of flight
Goes passionately Smack right into the wall
Or finds modern technology (bugzap)
I guess it’s a sign (TWICE)
It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign,
It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign to Keep in Mind
It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign,
It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign, It’s a Sign to Keep in Mind