Tips: spam or not?

Industrial 030 “…If you do it right, you will never run out…”


I don’t know if spammers invaded me or not, but I think they did. They try to feed your ego and get in, so I approve their comments, and then all I get is someone not addressing the topic, with snippets of flattery.

Talk about the topic at least, any further comments from TIPs servers will be marked as spam, you are feeding your own agendas.
It certainly is not feeding my agenda, which is a place to read and think, you might not find what I have to say of any real importance to you, but someone you deny from viewing it, may find it life saving or just interesting.

And all you search engine nuts bending over backward to serve the Google search, google searches and are setting fines for the future. They have blacklists for some spammers, they started spam and are painting themselves as spam fighters, the mark of every hypocrite.

They started a search engine and resorted to ads that quickly went bad, rather than get rid of the bad, they took it in and spread bad instead of good, all for the sake of money.
I’m sure there are some at Google that see it that way, but there are the big buck seekers that see me as a threat…I’m coming for you, and that’s not a threat…it’s a warning.
To those of you that love money, more than humanity, your end is sad.
Google does so much good, but also does bad, and it’s the balancing between extremes that brings a harmonious and peaceful existence, or a very sad one, putting one side against the other in a constant war.

Rather than be a dictatorial search engine, cause you quench the ideas of creativity. You need to be creative with your techniques, rather than serve the corporations.

They are not the people. The public is the people, everyone alive is the public, not just the money whores, but the whores do offer you a good time.
You claim to bring the search to the people, but you sell the people to the corporations with hidden agendas, and serve the corporations in the end.
I’m talking to Google like it’s a person, when it’s many people, and they’re divided from having one mind, with differing hidden agendas.
Like a schizoid person, google has the potential of a great talent, but finding that talent is a long hard road.

It went from the spammers to attacking Google, I was trying SEO techniques, and always found myself frustrated with your techniques. It always made me resort to spam techniques, and I’m not a spammer, but felt I was forced to spam by a company that resorts to claiming anti-spam techniques to reach their search engines.
Trying to please a search engine, is not what I wrote the article for, you need to come up with another idea of search… the missing link of search engines.
There is another field that will be created over the next few years, that will give you that.

Well I’m growing tired, and I’m just a nobody trying to make it through this dirty world that grows some beautiful things.
Peace Out!