The Stillness

groynes-339250_150The Stillness

…oh the silence of the stillness, where happiness exists at their whims…where you have no desires to fulfill.
I experience it many times a day, and don’t see it for years at a time, but it never changes.
It is always enlightening, always has understanding as a gift to me.
In stillness, I find graceful understanding.

The stillness is quiet time enjoyed, and not stressed over.

Well, I decided the tyranny of youtube trolls, needed a song…they hung up the video, so I needed to counteract with an Eagles song “Learn To Be Still”; you know they are all covers on youtube, the Eagles never did a video.

Well, I never heard of the song before, so I guess I never bought the album Hell Freezes Over.

I liked it.

I needed a lullaby, and closure for this post. Hopefully, you’ll like it too, and strengthen your “stillness” cause in those times you set course with the right directions, not reactive chaos of emotions, you need to compose yourself for the answers that you need to take, we all are different.

One cup of tea, is your poison, while it is drink of peace to the other one.
Just relax and ponder your problems in silence, all of a sudden the answer will come to you…something that GroundedBeing said revealed that to me, well not GroundedBeing, I always knew it was inside of me, but I just forgot, GroundedBeing just reminded me.


“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.”

 Deepak Chopra