Time ???

Time is a Paradox,
it’s a marvel of measurement

This video is talking of the measurement of time, and are our relation to it… some metaphysical or quantum properties, all I see it is a river flowing throughout the world, and we are floating in it, towards the day of death.

Then I tried to write about a book, about time traveling in it, and I came up with all kinds of paradoxes with Time.

I had an ancient man, travel to the future(modern times), and was met with a story of neverending paradoxical moments, learning the languages of modern times… he was a critical thinker, and the aliens brought him to the future, to learn about the heavenly govt, and educate the populations of the reality of heavenly ruling.

It’s more or less trying to understand the principle of Time, and what is the quantum properties of Time, and its connections with Space.

Host Robert Lawrence Kuhn takes on interviews with various peoples and their views of time.

I‘m  still waiting on the story I was writing a story on the Demarkus story, I think that was his name… the ancient man time traveler.
Someone I was collaborating on it with, said she left in her upstate NY home.
It went into forgetfulness land, that was over 25+ years ago, and I started it over 40 years ago in my creative writing class at NEC.

So whenever I get it, I’ll review it, and see if it’s worth continuing it.

Time is the last frontier to change, or it kills me… and we’ll be both out of our miseries.

 “Mysteries of Modern Physics: Time”
Presented by Sean Carroll

Well, I have to have free time, and ponder it more… Time???

I need more time, it must be graceful… or I’ll be mad and angry, and leave the death door with a slam.

In with a bang, and out with a bang… it was a good life, if you judged me, then you deserve the same judgment.

“We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called memories.
Some take us forward, they’re called dreams.” — Jeremy Irons