The Art of Thinking
to Understand the World

I took a metaphysical class my last year at Roanoke College in Virginia, before I dropped out of college… it was a time in my life, where I was thinking a lot… and getting lost in my thoughts.

He ends with not watching the news in the world on TV, or in a Newspaper… cause it causes stress in your life, unless you have the power of numbness to separate it in your mind, and spare your emotional heart.

Cause and Effect, is one topic I learned to think about in metaphysical class, the Cause is the news of the world, and the Effect of the news of the world on my heart and my emotions, which would cause actions to be taken, some evil and some good.

But the news of the world, causes stress on your surface, like sandpaper sanding down the rough edges of the soul… sometimes it’s painful to make it smooth, and sometimes you can damage it, in the process by making it smooth to the touch, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Just try and separate the Media from your heart and mind, so that in the words/paraphrased of Eric Butterworth the effect is non biased, separate it from the soul, your core being.
And live a life that’s free, from the chains of thoughts that lock you to something that doesn’t interest you… be free and breathe good thoughts.

The bad thoughts is someone else’s garbage that litters the world, and needs to be cleaned up by the sanitation dept… it’s hard to imagine that someone collects negative thoughts, to dump somewhere else, but it happens with words and positive thoughts, they collect them and dump them into a landfill out of the way… decomposing to the hell/below.

In a metaphorical sense, everything is in a metaphorical sense, it’s the keys to understanding the complexities of the world today… simplicity to explain the unexplainable… using parables, as keys to open the locked doors of your mind… there is the stairway to heaven, in your mind and heart.

I think that is your mind at work with meditations, or yoga, or one of the many disciplines to remain numberless,  to exercise your minds.

Thinking is an art, which has been forgotten for a long time, and needs to be revived, instead of being on a respirator to keep you alive in a bubble of fear.

Not to bring up the garbage can of trash thoughts, someone will pick it up from the sanitation dept, and bring it to the dump/landfill.

Just breathe and live the life, that you came to Earth to live.