Thyroid problems

— Thyroid problems —

 I’m not a doctor, so don’t hold me responsible to giving out medical advice, all the data is what I found on the internet, and I try to be my own doctor.

“Doctors make the worst patients”

I don’t know who said that, it was probably some nurse.

I get so annoyed at the doctors always looking prescribe some pill to get rid of the problem, when I ask them what’s wrong, they are at loss of words, cause they don’t know either. I’m talking 20 years ago, when I realized that doctors were just as ignorant of the human body as I was.

They take part in the study of the body and the organs, but they are amazed at the functions, as I am. The title Doctor is overrated, it means they have access to medical knowledge, but in no way they have a conscious knowledge, where they have it in their brain, to recall it to memory.

There are a lot of good minded doctors, that don’t take offense at what I’m saying, cause it’s the truth, but there are prideful doctors that would take offense at what I’m saying, but those are the doctors that offend me, and align themselves to the pharmaceutical corporations.

To get back to the thyroid, cause there are a lot of good minded doctors, that provided this info at no cost, and it would make Hippocrates proud.

The thyroid seems to be in charge of all metabolic functions of the body.

This covers the function of the thyroid gland, it covers the hormones that are released from the thyroid to go out into the blood and reach the other organs that have thyroid receptors. I’m not a doctor, I’m only sharing what I understand.
 This is a video of a nutritionist’s view of maintaining a healthy thyroid. The 5 Most Important Nutrients to Heal Your Thyroid, I will try to buy these foods, next time I go to the grocery store.
 This is the thyroid gland surgery video and is a bit graphic, I don’t know what they’re doing, I guess it’s removing a goiter. It was intense.

Well, this was a beginning education of the thyroid, I never knew the metabolism was regulated by the thyroid, since I had a high metabolism when I was growing up as a kid, cause I could eat like a horse, or pig and not gain any weight, but those days are over and what weight I gain, doesn’t want to leave my body.

I had a discussion with my Mom today, and she was taking hormones for her thyroid, so I wanted to understand what the thyroid does, and I was amazed at what thyroid does. I don’t know everything about it, I wonder if I ever will. Why does it need iodine?

That and many more questions fill my head, but this is just touching the pool of knowledge, like dipping your toe to test the temperature of the water before you dive in, let me tell you it’s cold… brrrrrrrrr.

I need to get a wetsuit on.

 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”