SPAM Educational Day

— SPAM Educational Day —

email-29853_640I had a very educational day today, I learned about SPAM robots that live by scraping data or text. I also learned of new terminology today too, the name Sploggers which is spam impersonating a real person

I downloaded a couple of plugins, but I think after a couple of days I’ll see an improvement on the performance of this website. It just keeps getting more and more difficult to address everything, when you’re one man.

One man fighting many people, I tried to network with people, this is my attempt to network with the world, and all I get is spammers, sploggers, and lower ratings in the search engines.

This is another the text goes to a smaller text when hit the return, it goes to 8pt, I want it to stay on 12pt, but when I go to the next line, it automatically goes to 8pt. It’s a little frustrating, not it’s a lot frustrating.

See it goes to 8pt, I have to change the font size every time I hit enter. I know I’ll figure it out, but these forums looking for help is another time waster. Sorry all that offer help, but I went through the ringer most of the times I visited the forums. It’s a good system, but there are trolls in there too, that laugh at you for making the steps. There are good and knowledgeable forum people too, so I’m not bad mouthing the forum people.

It’s probably tiny mce editor

No it’s not tiny MCE, I still have to change the font sizes.

I still have to change the font sizes. I just deleted a plugin called Font.

I need to default it to 12pt. Where is the default font size on the content???

I need to find a CSS editor, but for now I’m going to bed, spam, CSS editing, has drained me beyond compare.