Love at Home

Charity at Home is,
but a few simple steps



And Truth, should be one of them,
when it comes to charities

Charities are many with a Paypal account, I had a large sum of money from my Mom’s death this year… or last year… I just received the last deposit.

My mind is as disheveled as this house is right now, but Paypal is the way I want to donate, it was my Mom’s way… it makes it easier for me to give.

Salvation Army,… Flathead Food Bank,… Samaritan House,… Flathead Warming Center,… Hope Pregnancy Ministries,… Lighthouse Christian Home & Services,… I have a lot more charities to donate to… so I’ll keep you informed.

There is a lot of false charities out there in the world of today, they might be in my collection, but it seems they keep to their words, or so the pics show.

Charities who don’t honor their words, it reminds me of song, that I never heard before the search on Youtube for False Charities… and this is what came up with the last word being “Elevate!” by the Teacher of the class.

Kenny Chesney – Rich and Miserable
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Well, I’ve been Rich all of my life, by name only.
The Miserable part, is something I needed and could not find, or I’m blind, or too proud to see it in front of me, and went on my way through life, looking for what I already found.
IDK, I’m too stupid to see, and recognize it… the LOVE that’s true… I find it in friends, but I wanted a wife, but that never happened.

I’m already old, and leaving this world sooner better, than later… and you could pick my bones for my meat, as the ravens do… not saying anything bad about ravens, they deserve the sustenance too.

They are breathing and living animals/birds too.

They eat dead bodies, rather than be a predator like the Eagle, which I admire, or I should say my Mom admired, I seen up close the meanness and the gore, and I didn’t admire them anymore.

Life is to be admired and hated… cause it reminds me of Yin and Yang, there is a duality to life in the flesh… and the marriage I seek is more spiritual, than in the flesh… which makes me not care of intimacy in the flesh anymore… I’m lying I still am haunted by demonic succubus’, and friendly angels, waking me up every time I fall asleep.

So charities are listed Here, since my Mom was a Lutheran this is the Lutheran Charities.

You can go here to see if they’re kosher charities- Charity Navigator. That has went through facelifts galore, since I visited it a several years ago.

Giving is loving/breathing… grace is grace, but grace for corruptions is robbery at the least.
Stay safe, and whole financially, and don’t be mugged spiritually, and require a Good Samaritan to take you to the inn.

Charities became a big business, they were always a big business, causes corruptions followed them… but the causes were noble, at first, before corruptions infected them.

I should shut up now, or I’ll stick my foot in my mouth, if I keep talking/typing.