This Day’s Personal Education

— This Day’s Personal Education —

Pluto where are you? Are you a planet of this solar system, or just a dwarf planet, though you have 5 of your own moons, means you have gravity, or the many moons has the gravity, and you are just the moon to a smaller planet than yourself?

Well whatever it is, I thought we explored you before, but I don’t know… the pixelation of your photo leaves conjecture to the details… so I guess not.

We had the many journeys out since we discovered you, but you travel 248 years around the sun, and we discovered you 85 years ago, so since we knew you existed, you’ve made it a third of your orbit around the sun, I think all the wannabees astronomers should quit making conjectures of what you are.

Observe in silence, and don’t give the weight to your foolery…now we know you have 5 moons, what mysteries await us in the Kuiper belt after we fly by Pluto.

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Then there is the human trafficking around you, but you don’t see it, it’s selective consciousness. You see it, but deny it exists, it reveals your sins, which shames you. It’s an uneasy feeling… which is known to me, I don’t have the answers, but I would address it.

The way of the liberal, which I am, not the political liberal, but the real liberal. I would like to give every slave the freedom they deserve. I guess I could be called the abolitionist, cause I want everyone equal and free… not slaves to the debt and bankers as their masters.

If we kept records of love as the capital, you’d see a new elite, with love as the wealthy elite, where love is the motivation, and not the obsessions of worldly money.

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Then the unknowable calorie and what it contains, it’s different for everyone… there are so many variables to be considered. It mainly is to be discovered, it’s a rough understanding of it.

While I watched this video, I was snacking on my daily dose of potato chips, I wonder how many calories I ate that won’t get burned off. I could be speaking with a laissez faire attitude, but that’s me… when it comes to myself, if the public was getting fat or the obesity pandemic that infects this country with the fast food industry, then I’ll humble myself and care… even though it’s a pain in the ass for me.

So be conscious of the calorie, I want to know how to stay slim… it’s like fearing death, it’s coming, no matter what we do.




The IMF is an international bank tied to the UN… and the World Bank is its sibling. The economic mess is about to cross the point of no return. I don’t see it clearly, but see a catastrophe in the economical sense… where there is new elite formed. The marketers and the like will go into the trash bucket… and we know they’re sore losers.

So it will not be happy times ahead, if the marketers looked to serve the people and not manipulate the people, then they would keep their powers.

You have bought up most of the internet, and your power is shaky as the virtual world where you created your thrones. You create cyberwarfare like it’s a game, and you don’t mind losing, but you create enemies in those games too.

Your enemies will destroy you… you created new treasures too, they will be revealed in their times, when they’re looted in your defeat. This new battlefield is loaded with traps you never imagined… it has many lessons for you to learn.




Then the homeless in Silicon Valley make the 24 hour bus ride its hotel for the night, it’s sad and cruel by the observer’s judgments. We don’t know what put those people in that position, and judging them, doesn’t do them any good.

I would be judging them, if they had an alcohol bottle as a crutch, but I didn’t see any alcohol in the film. I saw a lot of pain, and a lot of arrogance from the observers, which only multiplied the sadness of the scene.

It sad and what is to become more of the landscape of the US, the unemployment will rise, and more homeless will fill the streets, and multiply.

The homeless’ only hope is the love they share… and our love to the homeless, together we come to an agreement of coexistence and class equality, rather than destitution and class warfare.