The comments off

— The Comments Off —


disabled-toilet-548404_640I turned the comments off, so that I didn’t have to deal with spammers, since I did, I’ve seen a bit of relief in dealing with the constant spam… it seems they all comment on everything from flattery to flattery.

It’s just hot air to fill my ego… they don’t know that I control my ego. I’m like many men, they can be fooled with self indulgence and flattery, but I know it, from the mistakes of my past.

It’s what I hoped for, the interaction with others, on the topics I chose to discuss, but to no avail the topics get diluted with spam and spam and more spam, that doesn’t address the topics just dribble with a layer of flattery icing. I know I write good, my English teachers have said otherwise, but I can articulate what I want to say… sometimes, it’s like being constipated, sitting on the toilet, you have something to get out of you.

All writing is shit, but the shit feeds more shit, look at the internet, it speaks for itself.


The Facebook phenomena is just rehash of the AOL phenomena before the Internet, which was just a rehash of the whole BBS phenomena, they’re all some phase of the social networking, which has taken over the internet like a virus. Every person has the new thing, but it’s the same old thing, they want more info to fill up the their databases to connect to the next layer like a stepping stone.

What do they offer in return? IDK

They take more and more, but they give hope, in my opinion just false hopes, that wastes your time playing games, and the same dribble of wisdoms that you have heard over and over again, just new words to say the same thing… it just a rehashing of old ideas. The ideas are good, but it’s just a rehashing of old ideas… new shit for old shit.

I digress back to the old shit.

Facebook gave me insight, and for that I’m thankful. It also gave me an education, into the workings of FB, the many offices that seem dark to everyone, even FB itself. There are corners on FB… that I can’t talk about, cause they’re like the black holes out in the universe.


Corporations are like religions, where one follows the prophets, and the other follows the profits… don’t you see the irony in the choice of words?… at least in English, my native tongue.

Corporations are the seed of evil and good, wrong and right, darkness and light, the only problem is their obsessions with profit. It’s when their business is run by the profit margin, the people margin suffers. They get too fat and want to trim their sails, and fire the workers.

The CEOs stay fat and scheme and scheme for more profits, they don’t trim their own sails, and fire the CEOs along the scale of the workers. They grow fatter and fatter, and get top heavy and come crashing down like the Lehman Brothers in 2008.

They want to control the world, and marry the ruling govts of the world in a fascist or corporatist state, with one currency to equalize its power. I’m just blinded by the sun shining this knowledge, and they only see the money signs. … $$$ … NWO

Walking off the fiscal cliffs like the lemmings they are.


Well this started out saying, I turned off my “comments” off, besides 1 comment from an old friend who painted my first Album cover, which I never used, in fact I don’t know what happened to it. It was called TREES.

I reminisce into oblivion, but I got the spammers off of my back.

I could spout off of everything in this world that makes me angry, I would die an angry man, cause I have a lot of anger with the world, and I would be in a heated argument till the end of the world.

Arguments are like debates, and I wasn’t into debate classes in High School. I understood the debate classes, they looked to win, to persuade the audience to their side, no matter how they lied,  I just wanted to know the truth.

The truth always wins.

Well hopefully this relief session didn’t leave too much of a stink in your minds, turn on the fan, if it lingers… I just needed to shit.


Daesh is the next story I choose to ignore into oblivion, with ignorance bombs… anyone claiming to follow the Sharia Law, you can ask them do you follow it?

They’ll say Allah Akbar, cause God is the Greatest, agree with them, and walk off praying for them, cause God’s Greatness shows them mercy.

God doesn’t chop their heads off, which is what they would do to you, yelling God is the Greatest “Allah Akbar”… but I beg to differ about their God, it’s the God of the old testament, but the God of Jesus was a forgiving God, not the radical extremist God that they interpret that instills the chains of Sharia Law.

If you want Sharia Law, then honor the Law of God that the Christians follow, or you’re fighting with yourself, and condemning Sharia along with God.

God is the greatest conundrum of all time and space, you hear a part of God, and God reveals God to all, we are all a part of God. Condemning others is condemning God, you can condemn the sin, but the sinner God loves at all times, otherwise there would be no hope for you. That form of self hatred, is just that, your hate is like a virus.

I witness this for myself, cause I’m the “fool”, but the last verse is the workings of Daesh. Jesus had somethings to say about them too, but I’ll leave you to find them.

 A lying tongue hateth those that are afflicted by it; and a flattering mouth worketh ruin.”


God can’t be flattered!

So, I’ll close for now, cause just bringing this up, is just bringing me down.