The Selfish Gene… or the Hoarder Mentality


A 9 minute video, disturbing the minds for future use. Filling their ledgers with studies and results…


The Hoarder Mentality…    I was going to say my “opinion of someone else’s opinion”, which I made a euphemism about “wars” in a song.
Also the song’s first verse was my old college friend’s poem, Freddy Hage. It was about the time of my move to the west. I wrote it in the book of lyrics, but was so involved in the move, I forgot the poem was my inspiration.



Anyway, all wars were started by opinions of someone else’s opinions, in my view or opinion.

The hoarder mentality is started in fear of hearing the opinions of your opinions. They hoard their property in fear of changing their opinion with facts… that they don’t want to face.

You own the clothes you put on, and we wear our thoughts and beliefs.

Your atheistic suit is just a poor ratty suit, but your comfortable in it. You have good points, but you have a lot of bad points too.

Well, this isn’t a bash Richard Dawkins post, it has turned into the hoarder’s mentality piece. Initiated by    Richard Dawkins I suspect, but I don’t know.


The Hoarder’s Mentality

Let me explain this whole post, the video that started this post, was deleted… claiming copyright infraction.

Google has a way of starting something, and a way of sticking an obstruction into the gears of machinery,  making smooth progress impossible.

Always, copyright protection is the source. Someone comes up with an idea, and thinks they own it. The idea was always in the spiritual ethers, we just discovered it again.

Our selfish genes makes us to claim it, as our own property, when it was given to you by grace… instead of claiming it as property, you should share it with the same grace, that you received it.

But that’s my opinion… let’s do a war… “I Don’t Think So … Peace!”