3 Songs, I posted on Youtube

It was a busy week for me… mainly my problem… but here they are.

2Rains – The System Turns

This song was recorded in Sitka, Alaska in 1996, after I moved up there. Mike McFee came out to visit me.

We started doing this song along with many others, for the few weeks he was able to visit me.

He did the drums and bass. I had a real bass, but I didn’t have a drum set.  He did them on a Korg keyboard.

It’s an anti-govt song. I’m not sure of the calling the FBI timeline, and when it occurred, before or after this song. I was in the middle of my studying porn, which I never wrote a paper for… I made the outline though.

I was hooked, maybe it was the slowness of the internet, that hooked me.


2Rains – Whispers in the Wind

I forgot about this song, I made it in 1992 with Mike the drummer. I think Eric the guitarist was playing, I don’t remember.

It’s a song about children, who are the most closest to God to know the truth. They are the most blessed in today’s world, but that goes quickly, cause we corrupt them with our opinions and judgments.

They grow up so quickly, it’s hard to stop the corruptions, cause they love us.

I added lyrics to them, but you have push the CC button  on the player to see them.


2Rains – Feel It

This song was in the early 90s, Mike was there playing the drums. Lynn Voorhees was singing back up.

Feel It, was talking about the Ego and the spirit inside of yourself, which is inside of everyone. The connection between them, and how your ability is  effected. If they don’t talk to each other,   then you’re only half of what you could be.

I also added lyrics to this, but you have to push the CC button on the player to see them.