Damon Imani

A Satirist saying F*ck You
To Klaus Schwab.

I was hoping it was true, but it was satirical piece. There was no Wikipedia page about Damon Imani, so I never knew what he was about, and he’s only a satirist, doing satirical bits about current events, along the lines of SNL bits. It was funny at first, but it gets old fast… after hearing it a few times.

I thought it was real, before I read the Snopes report about him. I was wondering why it wasn’t big news, it was only a satirical piece.

I guess we need a little satire in our lives, to bring the events in our lives more into focus. So, we see it clearly from another perspective, though it was clearly disrespectful, but it brought it up from somewhere, in someone else’s minds.

A different perspective, though I agree with it,  it made me not feel alone, before the world’s monster.

The WORLD WIDE MONSTER on the Internet, all the elites buy up the popular sites, and run the world in their own digital way… serving the elites.

I’m digressing into my shell, or disguise, however you want to see it, cause I can change the entrance to my core at will… it a neverending rabbit hole.

You’re taken on a ride that will waste your time, and keep me safe… and safer, the more you waste your time.

It’s my little cynicism joke.

Cynical (Adjective)
1. Believing the worst of human nature and motives;
having a sneering disbelief in e.g. selflessness of others
2. Abusing vocally; expressing contempt or ridicule
3. Showing contempt for accepted moral standards,
esp. by following self-interest

I’m cursed to be a cynic minded fool, and I have a sour toxic taste.