Pot of Gold = Grave

Pot of Gold = Grave


That’s the only thing I agreed with on this video, the pot of gold = Grave. The end of the rainbow is truly death, it’s the other data that I question, since I didn’t see it.

MBSR = Mindfulness-based stress reduction

ATP = Adenosine triphosphate



I watched this video, and I question every story he said of looking at the brain scan. I found that he is conjecturing of every conclusion that he came up with. It maybe he talked with the people he scanned, that he came up with those conclusions, but it’s littered with many conjectures in the making of those conclusions.

I would like to be brain scanned when I look at a mirror. I go into myself with daydreaming, or maybe not, it might scare me.

When I go into daydreaming mode the narratives I create, they scare me. It was another point I found was true, where narratives are running rampant in my mind. Wild and uncontrolled, without reins to calm their excitements.


I believe in God, not the way you believe in God, cause I believe that no religion knows God. All that I see is pompousness running the show, like a mad director running the production of the play, it’s the way that he wants.

I believed that when I was young, I also believed in Santa Claus. I grew up mad and disgusted by people’s lack of respect of the truth. Then came my accident, where I was crippled. God, replaced my anger and disgust, and I was free.

I was still in the world, and disgusted by it, but God was my strength. I changed my views of God constantly, as a child, God always marveled me. God was always mysterious, when I thought I knew everything about God, God showed me how very little I knew about God. In fact God said to me, even after I die, I could go on to eternity and beyond, and what I’ll learn that there is another eternity of knowledge before me.

So I welcome death, I once hated it, but since it is in the plans of God, then I welcome it with disdain as payback.

“Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil…”


I long for the end of my life, cause I’ve lived, and I’ve failed most of my life, preferably I will succeed before I die, but I will accept another failure, and disappointment, if I have to.

I just will not fear evil before I die.

I’m in the default ME mode, I’m so narcissistic, as we all are at some point in our lives… Remember at the end of the rainbow is that pot of gold, your life is that rainbow. When you meet the grave, show disdain with a smile and NO fear.