Words are in a Pressure Cooker of Communication.

Sometimes comes up,

with delicious meals.

That you are thirsty for with the Truth, and you feel like you had a good meal, and some words makes for a horrible meals, and leaves you with indigestion, to boot, for the next few days.

This song by Birdy of “All You Never Say”, sings about some pining blues of things never said by someone else, and it is by the use of the word “ME”. Which I would like to switch/flip the M to W, and make it “WE”… that’s not my original thought, I read it somewhere, but I don’t know who wrote it before… I’m a retard of recall.

Birdy Van den Bogaerde & Dan Wilson

We cook up some delicious meals with art, as the plate that is served with graffiti on the walls of society, like Animal House the movie. Some people hated it, but overtime we hate the world too, and we also love it too. I never was impressed by it, until now, that I’ve looked at it from their perspective…

Ya know the carefree and careless perspective… but childlike is the opening of the doors/gates of heaven, and what they can play with… or be hurt with. They need to grow up too… and learn there is right and wrong to everything on this planet. Hurt is on the Wrong side, and joyful Play is on the Right side.

Animal House could be compared to the Earth we live on. It’s the proof of evolution, a theory by Darwin, and it’s only the first page of the story of “Evolution”. There’s a lot more theories/words to read to reach the ending of the story of evolution… which can be enlightening, at times, and disheartening at times too.

We have to search out all the good things about the world that we live in, to find God in all, that we see on Earth. It’s getting weird, that I have to preach about God to give me/us peace of mind. I just want to share it with you as a gift, these are the trinkets/jewelry, that I have gathered from my times with God.

We all want to enjoy out time here in this world, and positive natures, and negative natures do exist here also, and it’s our tolerance of each other while we’re here, that makes it possible, without deaths from wars, or judgment of others with anger and violence as your sword, but an example of love should be your actions… your weapons.

“Swords into Plowshares”
“And He shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people;

and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks;
nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.”

It talks about the slow path to future of that idea, “swords into plowshares” on the Wikipedia page.

From the worldly secular side, and the bible the religious side… but there is spiritual side that lives in everyone’s heart and minds, which can be enlightening, but there’s a danger of it overtaking you too, and being sucked in with judgment over others.

It’s led by out of control egos, but sanity, with egos on leash, so they don’t bark at others in judgment… and it makes for a “peaceful world”, as long as egos remain silent, and personally sanely controlled.