Constant Sorrow

— Constant Sorrow —

Ralph Stanley recorded the Song “Man of Constant Sorrow
in the 50’s, and I chose that version,
cause all the modern versions are played along those lines.

 You know the person was partially blind that wrote this song a “man of constant sorrow”, labeled “Farewell Song” in a music book of 1913. The song was made a big hit on “O Brother, Where Art Thou“. If George Clooney sounded that good, but it was sung Dan Tyminski of the Union Station.

It was Dick Burnett, and going blind was a real blues leader to write the song, I know when I need glasses every time I read, that is a bluesy thing, I feel sorrow every time I have to put on glasses to read, what I could read before without glasses.

I wish I could play blues, I can, but I get so depressed that it turns into pop by the time it’s done.

I like the lyrics in the song, and the subject that we’ll meet again on “God‘s golden shores”, I like that ending.

I like happy endings, which makes it a pop song.


This is a video of the history of melancholy, where it got its name, and what you can do to remedy it.

I hope this gives meaning to sadness, that it isn’t just suffering and tears, it’s what you do with it, that makes it last or quickly fades in oblivion.

I would like it fade into oblivion faster than the message it’s trying to send to me.

I’m not a very good student, at least some teachers told me that. I learned from the teachers that had nothing to teach, in their minds, but I learned the most I ever learned from them. I held disdain for all the teachers who saw me as mold of clay for them to form, because I hate being boxed in.

I can see its point, but that’s not me.

Anyway, hopefully this blog entry didn’t get you down, cause I’m a man of constant sorrow, but I’m not to make it contagious.