Tomidjah’s Rant

— Tomidjah’s Rant —


Well after trying to rid users that I didn’t know I had, the number of visitors dropped significantly. Sploggers and spammers come in like rodents and fill the walls of your blog, unbeknownst to you. What goes on in the walls of your blog you’re not privy too, so I don’t know what they did.

But I must’ve got rid of other people that were not sploggers, I had 46 sploggers from WangGuard. I deleted all of them, so I just left myself as the admin. I figured I’ll start over and figure out with a new life.

I’m not that knowledgeable of the structure of the internet, it involves layers that’s all I know, and there are invisible layers too, like another dimension in the real world. Those in the hidden dimensions have the power, like those in the invisible layers have the power too.

It’s a quagmire to say the least, as this life is, with the pressures and trials to perfect us, that we never asked for. I don’t know what went on before we were born, but if I knew what would go on in this life, I wouldn’t have come willingly, but I’ll be surprised, if I volunteered for this mission.

The survival of an earthly life, cause that’s all I’m doing now, just surviving. There are other people in the world that would jump at the chance to have my life, well not my disability, but the chance to have my possessions. What I own never brought me happiness, it only brought me work to maintain it.

I see kids starving in Africa, South America, and Asia, and I say I know how they feel, cause all my possessions never gave me good health, and the doctors don’t give love anymore, they give you pills.

Well to get back to invisible dimensions, before I went off on a whine pine tangent journey.

I never meant to learn about these things, and I don’t want to know anymore, but I should be aware of them at least.

Complacency is the road to destruction with reckless abandonment, you’re bound to wreck. It’s like the fiscal cliff, economic woes come as a surprise, with crashes or busts.

Well, I’m just rambling like a fool, so I’ll say bye for now, and leave you with a song.

 “Sometimes you pray for witness you can rise above
There’s judgment and destruction in the name of God
Can we find truth in all that we feel
Sometimes there’s God when sickness is healed

Sometimes there’s God
Sometimes there’s God
Sometimes there’s God
Sometimes there’s not”