Technical Nightmares


I guess, I’m an Idiot.

It seems the tech industry is a self ordained god, judging others for not connecting to their minds, and scribbling instructions on how to use their software, hardware, and all the third party developers that use their software.

I’ve had a nightmare with downloading the extensions with Studio One 6, when I bought the program I thought I was done, but I bought all the extensions with it… 30+ GB of data… but I waited for them to download, on a slow DSL connection, and they all failed in the install.

According to Studio One 6 Professional, so I went to their site, and logged in, but there was no link to the separate files, that I could download.

I found it buried under other menus, so I found the files… a nightmare happens in our lives everyday. Where I could download the extensions separately, it’s mainly audio libraries, I would like to download on my PC, cause downloading from the Studio One 6 program is full of errors, it seems easy, but they all failed, there were a few that were successful, but the rest failed.

The Internet is the problem, and everytime I go on the Internet I’m connecting to hackers, which I’m a target of, and they’re connecting to my settings, and continually changing things, so they don’t work anymore… even youtube is not working like it should, I have the Firefox browser… and there is so much of the tech industry, that I don’t understand, and my resources are low, and getting lower each day, as I grow older.

I only have one brain, and my cognitive abilities are limited by my resources… what disappeared into my subconsciousness should be an infinite resources, but I’ll have the choice to retrieve them, if I find them useful after I die.

But I’m at that point where I wanted to die, but I know God exists, and I would make God mad, if I went back to that ignorant mindset.

This day started out bad, and was even badder as the day went on, and I think it’s my fault, and I’m blaming myself, the way it was designed by my spiritual guiders(GOD), Angels and Demons… the spirit of God.

You can hear voices… it’s not mental sickness, but a talent for praying. We all are mentally sick individuals, and we are healed everyday, and some are in denial and delusional, and think they’re their ideas are original, and claim they own it, with copyrights and patents laws.

I wait for the day after I die, and all the truth comes out, and we realize that we don’t own anything.

The Natives(Indians) have that ideology in their belief systems, and are closer to the truth, when they’re not drinking into a stupor.

The Studio One 6, is not so easy to figure out, it caused me problems all day, cause I didn’t understand it… we need to have a video of the interface, and explain all the clicks(Buttons), and what they do… so I can design my workflow… I had a problem with the interfaces screens, cause I didn’t know what they did.

There might be a help item that explains them, but I’m a patient man, maybe I’ll have time tomorrow to find it… or not, maybe my brain will forget it.

This is what drove me crazy all day, and I made up this beat/groove… it took me all day, cause I didn’t have help links on what the button did.