Bureaucracy : Wasting time trying to please the Govt

— Bureaucracy : Wasting time trying to please the Govt —





Bureaucracy is a restrictive cloak that we wear. It limits our freedom of movement, and could be compared to a suit of armor. You can’t be a ballerina, wearing a big metal suit.

Laws make up the bureaucracies, and cement them in place. The people carry those bureaucracies. Though some are burdensome, and require repeating the same stories to everyone along the chain of bureaucracy.

Every link in the chain needs to understood. So the story enables that, and you usually give up, cause you get sick an tired of repeating yourself. We need a bureaucracy buffer, where the story is told only once, and forwarded to the next link in the chain. It would solve the problem a lot quicker.



noun: bureaucracy
  1. a system of government in which most of the important decisions are made by state officials rather than by elected representatives.
    synonyms:civil service, government, administration; More

    establishment, system, powers that be;
    ministries, authorities
    “the ranks of the bureaucracy”
    • a state or organization governed or managed as a bureaucracy.
      plural noun: bureaucracies
    • the officials in a bureaucracy, considered as a group or hierarchy.

The Reason for this Post

I started this post after watching a Mother in Brazil had to go with dealing with bureaucracies in importing medicine for her epileptic child. They were holding it at the post office, cause it was cannabidiol, derived from the marijuana plant. Marijuana plant is illegal still in Brazil, and is all over the world, but things are changing.

It pissed me off so bad, that I looked up bureaucracy. I realized it wasn’t elected officials, but civilians interpreting the laws that were put in place. Since they’re not elected officials, they don’t understand their limitations, even elected officials don’t understand the differences between illegalities and legalities.

Bureaucracy was always long and tedious processes, but it became clear why it was long and tedious. It was civilians who knew nothing of the laws, but were left enforcing it.

Bureaucracies are dumped in our laps, when they should be dumped into the elected officials laps.

They should earn their monies with doing their jobs. Or make it legal, like Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and the District of Columbia did.



The Bureaucracy Buffer dept, where you make a complaint only once, and it’s forwarded to every link in the chain. It would be a pleasure to go along that chain, if you didn’t have to repeat your story over and over again.

Bureaucracies are growing with every instance of ignoring of them. Like the weeds in the garden, once they take root, they don’t want to leave. With every new law that is passed, there is a bunch of new weeds that take root.  Mainly cause of the wrong interpretations of those laws. They propagate with ignorance, and the more you ignore the problem, the more problems pile up.

So we need to weed out the problems, rather than going to other countries to weed out their problems. We need a president to weed out our weeds, not the people, but the system of bureaucracies. Bureaucracies are the weeds, and they grow where there should be pavement for smooth sailing. Bureaucracies is a pot hole filled road, where you have to maneuver slowly around the pot holes.


Domestic infrastructures, should be the main course of the presidency. Let the UN be the voice of foreign policy, without the elite nations. That doesn’t serve what the UN was created for. The UN should be run by the world’s commonness, not the chosen elite nations. You can’t even run your country without arguments and disagreements, but you ban and dictate to the world, cause you have the power to veto any UN resolution.

We need our sanity. To do away, with the out of control bureaucracies, and feel calm again.