MPC Stems

I’ll try to make stems of my old songs,
And see if I can improve on them.

I made copies of them in the WAV format, and the separate them into four groups… Drums, Bass, Melody, and Vocals.

I started it last night, but wasn’t sure how to do it, and then I had to get up, and reboot my modem, cause it’s on the other side of the house… and after it being needed to reboot again, and cause the new modems needed a cable connection, instead of a phone line… I couldn’t find the phone lines to coaxial adapters… I only started looking/searching today.

Well, to get back to my searching through Amazon, with no luck, and get back to stems with my MPC Live2, and I didn’t know where to make it into stems, each window menu has commands/tabs.

The following video, is a step by step of doing it… making the stems, and you can chop it into sections.

Added 3/29/2024

You have to buy the stems, and you get 3 activations, for $10, which sucks… I would raise the price of the product, and include it in the software, or the MPC device.

I bought it, so I have 3 activations, but the communications with Akai is lacking, no phone numbers… anything other than emails, cause you want it done now, but emails are slower than slow…

It depends on when they get the email, cause I sent the email Wednesday night, and they haven’t answered it yet. It’s Friday morning, and we all know, that on the weekends, nobody works… so I’m guessing that I’ll hear from them sometime next week.

The tech support phone numbers, without the layers of buffering with tech support, you know, you have to explain your problem with everyone your connected with, and it gets lost in the wait times, and you have to go over the same thing with the next person, and so and so on… and 4 hours pass, from when you started this.

When I solve my tech problems, I will post what I do with the MPC stems, but I’m having a problem with running the MPC 2 right now, or it might be the hacker that has my laptop in their clutches… hackers has a game in their egos, where they collect PC/Mac/Linux/etc. as robots to script them, and connect them to each other, in some sick minded game of networks.

But there must be a financial perk for the corporation, to do it like that… I haven’t been pleased by Akai’s business practices, and egos running rampant with distorting the messages of the marketing dept.

They sucked me in 41 years ago with their 12 track analog recorder, when I started recording my own productions… they left the linear recording field, and went more into the MIDI field… I understand MIDI, but the direction they took with deep diving into menus, makes the mind slow, by wearing it out.

Or maybe I’m an old robot, and am tired of getting lost, and trying to find a way out… it needs a more intuitive interface, than the many choices of menus… so you don’t get lost… older people have slower minds, and are not quick to recall things… so keep that in mind, when you design an interface.

You can’t please everyone, buy you can accommodate everyone… to please or make it comfortable, in an indirect way.

That’s my opinion on MPC Stems… I guess, I’ll make another post, of what I did with the MPC stems… cause I wanted to sample portions of this song.