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Israel Kills Foreign Aid Workers.

7 Aid workers were killed, in 3 separate IDF air strikes. I guess they struck them in one vehicle, and they went to another vehicle, then another air strike, which made them move to another vehicle where they all died, with the last air strike. It left a hole in the roof, where the World …

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I’m Tired of the Lies in Religions

— I’m Tired of the Lies in Religions — I was listening to this song from Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros called “Wake Up the Sun”, and the lyrics reflected on what I’ve reflected on my whole life, lies in religions. I could’ve wrote this song. In fact, but I did not articulate it …

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Mathematics or Mysticism… Mystery or Magic


— Mathematics or Mysticism ? —   “Mathematics is only a language, it evolved from the embryo stage of mysticism.” — unknown   Mysticism were the first words we learned, because the truth was too various and massive for the human mind to comprehend. Mathematics was difficult to understand at first, although it explained the …

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