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Lamentations of the WorldWideWeb


— Lamentations of the WWW : The weight is heavy — 10/28/2016   It seems the lamentations are many on the world wide web. Also, it seems when one problem is solved, another problem seeps up through the cracks. A world of propagating problems, like an orgy in labor multiplying at an astronomical scale. The …

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Hitler vs Duterte : Who’s the Maddest?

— Hitler vs Duterte : Who’s the Maddest? — 09/30/2016 It seems, Duterte is the maddest. He’s the only one alive. Slaughtering is a sign of madness. Hitler slaughtered, but Duterte is looking to slaughter.  Premeditation in the works. He wants to commit genocide on the likes of me, and all of my friends. I …

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Petri Dishes : Social Networks

petri dishes

— Petri Dishes : Social Networks —   A conglomerate of Corporations , made the Petri dishes equal to the social networks. To study how they can manipulate the public by planting dramas. See how they can spread the rumors, or can be conned into trusting what the social networks were trending, whether scams or …

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Hermit, I need a break from fighting the world

Hermit and Lonely I often wanted to be a hermit, I grew tired of people, and the social aspects of life and then I joined FB. Now, I want to be a hermit again. I need a maid, a concubine, a friend, I need to be alone, with peace in my heart. I guess I’m …

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