Hermit, I need a break from fighting the world

Hermit and Lonely

question-mark-358177_150I often wanted to be a hermit, I grew tired of people, and the social aspects of life and then I joined FB.
Now, I want to be a hermit again.

I need a maid, a concubine, a friend, I need to be alone, with peace in my heart.

I guess I’m happy in my dreams, but then I wake up.

I saw this song tonight on Youtube, and it was exactly the way I feel… it was scary and weird at the same time.

It sucks being God, which all of you are, but you don’t see it.

I know I’m God, but I question myself which pisses me off, so it sucks being God.

I’m a sinner too, which relies on God’s graces to forgive me, which again all of you do too.

My theory of God is that God is a collective, and the kingdom of God is here now, all of us working together in a pure spirit, without judgment.
That’s my theory, but theories are meant to be proven, and we’ve been trying to prove it, since the beginning of time, and been failing forever at it, it seems.

I just want to say never give up!