Hitler vs Duterte : Who’s the Maddest?

— Hitler vs Duterte : Who’s the Maddest? —


It seems, Duterte is the maddest. He’s the only one alive.

Slaughtering is a sign of madness. Hitler slaughtered, but Duterte is looking to slaughter.  Premeditation in the works.

He wants to commit genocide on the likes of me, and all of my friends. I had drug problems in my younger years, but I wouldn’t justify killing other people, because of my narrow minded prejudices.


I seen this, this morning, and didn’t understand what he was saying, but after my doctor’s appointment I looked at it again. He wanted to slaughter me, and justify it with his beliefs. He’s a radical extremist, a terrorist.

I believe that!


We are at war with terrorists, and being the drug crazed putrid soul, that he judged me to death. I’m left with no choice, but to shoot him with my love weapon.

Understanding is my love weapon, not the penis, as some of you thought.

I seek to subdue his meanness with understanding. It’s the result of love.

Here is the video I speak of.


“Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte compares his anti-drug campaign to Hitler’s massacre of millions of Jews and says he’ll be happy to slaughter three million addicts. “



Conclusion of Duterte vs Hitler

I understand the narrow mindedness of people with narrow views. I’ve been one, but I also see the whole picture now. The nations that populate this world will fade, and the unity of this world will be. It might not be till the distant future, or it might be a decade from now.

Will we unite under one world, with a new world order? Or will we continue with wars and killings, with limited understandings?

Not the World Order under the conspiracy cloak, but with a natural progression and cooperation with the different powers of the world. Hopefully, the elite wont be in that power circle by then. They will fade too.

The road is dark, and I don’t know what it entails. We are in the midnight of our existence. We live in the social scenes, as the nite life dictates, but the dawn is approaching, and will come fast, when it does.


Don’t fear Duterte, just love him, and make him ineffective.

He wants to rid the world of problems, as anyone who loves the world does, but his views are like a child’s tantrums, and his mouth spews anger’s words. We don’t beat our children, that would make us just as sick and demented, as we judge Duterte as. We love our children, and try to teach them the right way.

I should say “you”, cause I have no children, but if I had them, that is the way I would go.

My Father taught me well.