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It’s Up To You

    This is the first song that we all wrote a line…maybe not. My sister saved this song and stored it in her basement, it’s slower than the original version. With Audacity the digital recording software, it made the songs slower, sometimes a full minute slower,  this song by 30 seconds slower.  I’m thankful …

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“Pain Creates Passion”


— “Pain Creates Passion” —   I just finished watching the movie “The Space Between”. It was about a man learning his baby was not his, and he went to see the Father of the baby. In the journey to see the Father, he met a girl killing herself, or she was going to hang …

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Music ain’t everything

— Music ain’t everything —   Music is love and hatred, but it’s not everything. You can misuse music to manipulate the masses, a practice used by the music industry, since I was born. It sets up a conglomerate of like minded people through a facade music for their profit, the conglomerates profits, but they …

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