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Codependency ?

— Codependency ?  Is it a good thing ? —   Codependency is a good thing, if you see life the same way, but not a good thing, if you’re at odds against each other. One changes their views, while the other gets their way. It’s quite an oppressive style of life. Tyrannical, some say. …

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Godlike or WildWeeds

— Godlike or Wild Weeds —   I think this guy is drunk on his own words and thoughts… I’m just ontologically speaking. “Woe to the flesh which depends upon the soul, woe to the soul which depends upon the flesh!” — Thomas the Apostle The flesh is our vehicle to godhood, and that road …

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Ontological Thinking

— Ontological Thinking —    Ontological,  I heard of before, but I never gave it a second thought, except today I realize I’ve been thinking that all my life, unaware I had a name of my thought process. Since I studied philosophy in college, I imagine I heard it in the classes, it’s a wide …

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