Codependency ?

— Codependency ?  Is it a good thing ? —


Codependency is a good thing, if you see life the same way, but not a good thing, if you’re at odds against each other. One changes their views, while the other gets their way. It’s quite an oppressive style of life. Tyrannical, some say.

Codependency is good when you need help, and you meet a friend who’s willing to help, or even a stranger with a price. Then it’s business.

I’m quite a … uh… “Ontological” thinker, I never knew there was a word of the kind of thinking, I think about often, before Jason Silva brought it to my mind.

So thanks Jason, but I forgot what it was called, I always thought it was metaphysical thinking.




The thought of everyone connected and agreeing on everything, is just a dream of a perfect world, I always have that dream too, but I wake up every morning, and face the reality of life… alone.

I see the people and my neighbors, and they’re busy with their jobs and bills.

That’s the reality of this hard cold life, the monies to enable your dreams to be reality, but I would rather have the spirit to enable that, cause that’s eternal, and not temporal as money. The will/spirit is eternal, and will go on forever.

It might not be Richard, but the life force that was Richard, will go on. Who knows what that life force will take as a vehicle in the future, but I see it as being a piece of junk in the junkyards of life, or a gem on the treasure chests of life.

What ever it is, I will have to put up with it and be happy… or be sad and miserable… but keep on going, with a good attitude.