Godlike or WildWeeds

— Godlike or Wild Weeds —


I think this guy is drunk on his own words and thoughts… I’m just ontologically speaking.

“Woe to the flesh which depends upon the soul, woe to the soul which depends upon the flesh!”
— Thomas the Apostle

The flesh is our vehicle to godhood, and that road to heaven is filled with potholes that our flesh made, the path to hell is riddled with the proud and angry. I know, I’m one of them… I need to be humble more.



I think of ourselves pleading for mercy at the destruction we leave in the trails of our paths, pride brings destruction to feed the proud.

Ask any patriot, who he killed today?

It gives the rest of the terrorists a big head,  to feel good about themselves.

I may be picking this apart at a merciless pace, I see his point that we are Gods, but I knew that back in the 70’s, and have been wrestling with the godlike beauty of every man and woman on this planet, and I’ve seen the demon like ugliness of the same people of mankind. Humanity is so complicated, there is so many variables that make up mankind, what’s good for one is deadly to another.

Peanuts are good food for one, and is deadly for someone that is allergic to peanuts with the onset symptom of anaphylactic shock and death. There are many more examples of one man’s treasure is another man’s trash, but I won’t go into it, it get’s dark in there.

It would be like giving a gun to kindergartener and telling him to shoot whoever he wants, it’s a massacre waiting to happen, with all the demon-like people in the world today, thinking they are right, and can do no wrong.

When we kill stupidity, as we like chopping heads off to rid the world of evil, by the messengers who are more evil, than what they want to get rid of. The evil is in themselves too, and that’s the evil that they want to behead.

I‘ve been wrestling with the ontological thinking my whole life, which is empathetical thinking and a numerous other labeled thinkings, but I learned it from Jason Silva, it is basically metaphysical thinking, which I am very good at in my hermitical modern electrical space/cave, but my loneliness is maddening. I end up talking to myself, and yelling at the walls.

You don’t want to give me Godlike power, I would have destroyed the world numerous amount of times, and I see the danger of this mentality let loose on the world, in fact God repented of destroying the world with a flood too.

We have to change ourselves, and not change the world as the focus point, cause you change yourself, then you’re an example for the world to change to.

Change yourself, and you’re changing the world for the better. I’m all for the defense tactics, but not aggressive tactics disguised as defense, it all goes back to the wolves dressing like sheep, which is a conundrum in itself.

War to bring peace, which is another conundrum, and it doesn’t bring peace, it just gives more people the need for revenge, usually the losers.


“There is no mystery whatever — only inability to perceive the obvious. “Wei Wu Wei, All Else Is Bondage : Non-Volitional Living (1964)


I see the godlike properties of humans too, but I see the ugliness of a demon like mankind too, and the ethical properties of mankind died when they awed them with technological advances. When the blindness dies or is healed of humanity with their prideful blinders, going through the parades of egos, I would cheer along with the parade and christen godlike qualities of mankind, but I know they’re sinful too.

Like the Daesh(IS) chopping off heads, I never would give them the power of the Gods, cause they’d distort it and glorify the sickness of it. Which makes me angry, so I know what God feels of it, which is a reflection of what I feel, cause I’m part of God, as we all are.

The Daesh are a part of God too, the darkside, and to those who don’t believe in God’s evilness then you need to read the book of Issiah which of witnesses of God’s words : ” I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things” :  Isaiah 45:7

This was when God was wrestling with humanity, when we were new born children, in our infancy and we know that the arrogance of children needs to be wrestled out of them. We needed a new covenant and Jesus came and was rejected, preaching forgiveness and love, and whether he was crucified or not, his message should be adhered to… the world will be a better place for it.

Which is why I follow him, but not the religious way which is filled with dogmas and traditions, but in the real life way, by showing examples instead of words preaching.

I‘m capable of hypocrisy at the core of my being, and any words just confuses the situation, but what I do is an example, and you see promise in it or benefit in it, then do it and spread it too.

So don’t take pride in it, the godlike properties or it will go to your head and you will become an unloving blind monster, but be humble in it, and God will bless you in all that you do.

See the glory of God, and be thankful that you are a part of it, and not become an ungrateful monster thinking that you are God, and everyone else is not at your level of godliness.

Which is the problem we have with terrorists today,  prejudicially judging the world, and its people and races.

They should start showing mercy and forgiveness, that would please God, at least the light side of God, since God is the duality of mankind, the light side of humanity and the darkside of humanity. I love God above all else in this life, I mean the parts of God I can see and understand, all the darkside stuff is confusing to say the least, but it intrigues me.

Mainly the darkness of politics where they rule in the shadows to escape at the first light of shining, like cockroaches scurrying to hide under the appliances when you turn the light on in the kitchen.

I’m one man and can be confused at the whims of awe, but I need to be aware and conscious of the real facts, rather than marveled at awes, cause the awe is just a temporary illusion of life. Whether it’s technical or biological, it’s just something we don’t understand yet.

Don’t get drunk on the astonishments, I believe that we are all God’s children, and we grow up like our parents, but getting drunk as kid was my embracing sin, or wrongdoing as the fact that changed my life for the better. It made me feel ashamed that I didn’t listen to the voice inside, the angel inside, the conscience in side, the awareness inside, whatever you want to call it inside, cause I see it as God inside, and I don’t know what to call God, since a name other than God is so entrapping, so I’ll stick to naming God as God.


Augustine, the father of [[theologians], was walking on the ocean shore and pondering over the truth, “three distinct persons, not separate, but distinct; and yet but one God;” and he came upon a little boy that was playing with a colored sea-shell, scooping a hole in the sand, and then going down to the waves and getting his shell full of water and putting it into the hole. Augustine said, “What are you doing, my little fellow? ” The boy replied, “I am going to pour the [sea]] into that hole.” “Ah,” said Augustine, “that is what I have been attempting. Standing at the ocean of infinity, I have attempted to grasp it with my finite mind.”    — Joseph Dare, p. 421.


Happy God seeking, God will not be contained in a cage for you to study… at least it’s been that way for me, cause that’s the truth.