Ontological Thinking

— Ontological Thinking —


 Ontological,  I heard of before, but I never gave it a second thought, except today I realize I’ve been thinking that all my life, unaware I had a name of my thought process.

Since I studied philosophy in college, I imagine I heard it in the classes, it’s a wide area of subjectivity, which I am.

I’m a product of the world in all its forms, the chaos, and the organizational character. Though, I’m not too organized.

My songs reflect part of me, and my art the other part of me, along with my thoughts and actions making up the whole me. I’m like a drop of liquid always changing, but stays the same, the fluid motion of my thoughts is always changing, but when I understand something, I solidify myself.

With that understanding of a principle, I make myself like concrete, not to be moved.

Till someone breaks my concrete foundation, but I’m a die hard stubborn…meaning I hate change when it destroys what I thought was true, and not fully satisfied with the reason to destroy, and replace my understanding with a lame reason that brought up new questions, that no one had the answer to.

The point Jason makes of the circle of the mind and the creations, I thought of that before, but not to marvel level that effected Jason, I was more smug in my nature rather than amazed by it. Cynical to the very core, but willing to be amazed.

I’m very self critical, I live in my own hell, rather than spread it around. I fight my demons everyday, to the point of depression, but then I laugh with them too, cause they aren’t that bad per se, just misguided. They are living beings too.

They’re my imaginary friends and enemies in one. The key word is my enemies, that leaves me on guard.

Well enough about me, a picture is worth a thousand words…