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News of the Day 10/30/15

— News of the Day 10/30/15 —   Somebody from Goodbye to Gravity’s new album, Mantras of War set fire to an indoor rock concert in Bucharest, Romania, and killed 27 people and injured almost 180 people, it housed 400 people with only one exit. It was a tragedy waiting to happen.   [mks_separator style=”dashed” …

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— Intimacy Primacy —  Primacy is the objective goal, and intimacy is that goal. I tried to be romantic about the title, it sounds like I’m being flippant about it, but I assure you I’m not. We all seek someone that can relate to our feelings, that is intimacy to me, they don’t have to …

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Making love or sex? What is the term to use?


—Sex or making Love—   We want to start looking for a relationship, relationships are harder today when we’ve been indoctrinated by Hollywood through their movies. There are many perversions of the truth, cause sex sells, the industry of lies. I was dead set against the term of “making love“, I just called it sex. …

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