News of the Day 10/30/15

— News of the Day 10/30/15 —


Somebody from Goodbye to Gravity’s new album, Mantras of War set fire to an indoor rock concert in Bucharest, Romania, and killed 27 people and injured almost 180 people, it housed 400 people with only one exit.

It was a tragedy waiting to happen.


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There is this account of the mess in the West Bank from the Jerusalem Post, is it a repeat of Gaza last year, where it was destroyed by Israel, and no recompense was dealt. Now they’re pushing that mentality on the West Bank.

Hopefully it’s not a rough as Gaza… when will people be people, as God created them, instead of power hungry people? They hunger for what corrupts them.


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I think those 50 special forces is a rescue mission to keep the secrets of daesh in control. I suspect what may be false or true, but I’m at end of my wits with this presidency. It’s been a sham all throughout. He wants us to believe the shit he’s passing, with a latch and a key for the chains of his lies.

To think I believed his words, when I checked off his vote for his first term, but was wise to him boasting halving the debt, but he tripled the debt, and now it’s on to quadrupling the debt just by the interest accumulations.

So what’s this, is he trying to cover his ass, so that the people will praise his legacy. Throughout history are president’s lying to cover their ass, only to make bigger asses of themselves. Assad picked a good name, because all the asses are there trying to cover up their ass moves.

Murder is an ass move… and all wars are murders and genocide.


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This is what was in the news feed next, somebody spouting off on the destruction of human intimacy with sex robots. He talked of the bug population destroyed by sterile bugs, and compared the sex robots to sterile bugs.

I can see his point, but what will the creators put into the AI, a spy program to see what controls us… and when will they mass produced? The cell phones made us intimate with ourselves, with selfies. We stare at those screens how many times a day?

And the internet and FB, Twitter, Google+, etc. makes us unsocial claiming to connect us socially, will the sex robots replace the true intimacy too. Sex is sex, intimacy is lost when you seek a robot to satisfy you, and intimacy loses its control over you, when you don’t need it anymore.

RIP intimacy!


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Finally and American who calls them daesh, instead of their praiseful caliphate name. I find all religions like playpens for newborns, where they play and experience God’s love. The daesh are the bullies of the playpens.

I hope this meeting will reveal the truths and the lies behind daesh… cause there is a lot that’s been hidden from us.


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Well, I’ll close with a song that will wipe away all of this shit news. It will have to be a happy tune, maybe good music without words… just an instrumental.