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Tomidjah’s Rant #11 – Lamentations

—  Lamentations —   With the scams being brought upon the innocent and the meek, by the strong misguided people, I’m left getting a gun and blowing my own brains out, or drugging myself into a coma, either way would be better than the life I have now. IRS scams, insurance scams, freedom scams, etc, …

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Mathematics or Mysticism… Mystery or Magic


— Mathematics or Mysticism ? —   “Mathematics is only a language, it evolved from the embryo stage of mysticism.” — unknown   Mysticism were the first words we learned, because the truth was too various and massive for the human mind to comprehend. Mathematics was difficult to understand at first, although it explained the …

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mob mentality

— Trump MOB MENTALITY : The only thing squashing our rights —     The mob mentality is a dangerous thing to a free society. I’m sure there are Trump’s supporters in my friend’s realm, but I will pray for them for their blindness. He likes to lead the cattle to their slaughter, and sell …

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