— Trump MOB MENTALITY : The only thing squashing our rights —



The mob mentality is a dangerous thing to a free society. I’m sure there are Trump’s supporters in my friend’s realm, but I will pray for them for their blindness.

He likes to lead the cattle to their slaughter, and sell his steaks.

Trump stands as the dictator, is that the future you believe in? “Get em outta here”, is that our future? It was done with every presidency before. Nothing changes, when you don’t see your wrongs in the first place.

If you have a mob behind you, you are compelled into emotional fervor, which is even more compelling to the twisting of the facts to suit your agenda. It carries you away into a twister/tornado of destruction, and leaving a trail of chaos.


America is great and always has been, it was great as it first started out being, but died shortly after we started following the money.

The idea was good and holy, but the deaths in the wakes of the first wave is even more destructive to the whole idea. Well, let’s just say the mob is the problem, and we use it to support the foundations of our ideologies.

Mobs are shaky foundations to build on. They sway with every fact, and repetitively chant with predetermined phrases. It’s all nonsense, and noise to support the dictator of the mob.

Mobs have raised issues that were eventually abandoned, cause the benefits didn’t feed the greedy and lazy, the loud mouths of our society. They speak with such charisma, and feed the mobs with treats and trinkets. Makes up a cause that sounds nice, and that makes them feel as if they’re doing something.


Egos are what motivates the mob’s mentalities. Hurt their ego, and you calm the mob. Trump is the feeder of egos, mainly his own, that gives him the power, and the mob gives him power by feeding his ego. They feed each other.

The dangers of mob mentalities:

” The Internet is a breeding ground for herd mentality. Not only is it easy for online users to find throngs of other individuals who share their brand of crazy, but it shields everyone under a cloak of anonymity, which gives people the freedom to let go of their social restraints. “


The herd or mob mentality, has been studied, since before I was born, and the determinations from it, has been varied and vast at best.


And examples have been found all throughout history.



Listen to the mob, and you’re bound to go insane, cause the mob judges insanity. You look for judges within insanity itself, cause they know it best.

Insane judges know what’s fair for the insane. That there needs to be in a moment of clarity, and then go back to the cloudiness of insanity.

Don’t follow the mob.

Follow the rationality of your own decision making skills, and keep your head above the polluted political waters.

There are many hidden agendas in politics, in fact, there many hidden agendas that we don’t know about that have already happened. The subtlety is a cloak that covers them.


I‘m sure Trump has a lot of hidden agendas, and his supporters are oblivious to them, as with all the other agendas by the political candidates running for the U.S. president in 2016. I just hope there is no more war, cause war is a scam/racket (by Major General Smedley Butler written in 1935).

It’s a short book, more like a long flyer. It discusses the rational rather than the emotional reasons against war, it uncovers the greed behind it.