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Love at Home

Charity at Home is, but a few simple steps     Charities are many with a Paypal account, I had a large sum of money from my Mom’s death this year… or last year… I just received the last deposit. My mind is as disheveled as this house is right now, but Paypal is the …

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WWW should be KKK…it’s all a scam


— WWW should be KKK…it’s all a scam —   The WWW is the world wide webbing, once they lure you in with porn, shopping, banking, Job searching, knowledge, truth or falsities, you can’t get out. You’re trapped! The KKK is an ideological scam that one race is better than another, as the WWW is …

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Work you Would do for Free

— Work you Would do for Free — I saw this movie called Waffle Street, and he was a financial advisor that worked for a firm on wall street, and made a bad deal, and was laid off… the thought of work you would do for free flew out the window, only to return at …

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