WWW should be KKK…it’s all a scam

— WWW should be KKK…it’s all a scam —


wwwThe WWW is the world wide webbing, once they lure you in with porn, shopping, banking, Job searching, knowledge, truth or falsities, you can’t get out. You’re trapped!

The KKK is an ideological scam that one race is better than another, as the WWW is better and faster than normal communications.

It has potential, but the elite class saw all the promises of it, and bought all the knowledge and power from it. They locked it up from the public. They sell it for a price that is beyond the common man, unless the slavery they sell is to their liking.

The next scam is the new gravitational waves from a distant event in the past, it is a self delusional search for funding. Einstein was smart, but he wasn’t smart enough to stop the ones after him from using him, to further their agendas. Einstein was alright in my mind, he wasn’t an idiot. We was a man that marveled at life in his thinking. You can read more about it, from what I wrote earlier.

Tesla argued that gravity was an electromagnetic force dealing with ethers/aether . I see his point. He was worldly man dealing with reality, and Einstein was space cadet dealing with theories and the unknown. Though we was marveled too, when he was gifted with a compass as a child.


I may be paranoid, but not too paranoid to be destroyed by the delusions.

The truth, I’m always searching for, and that will free me from my delusions… eventually.

When it’s the darkest, and it seems like there’s no hope, and you only have the faith of your ancestors, and that faith will bring back to life that hope again.

It’s been done over and over, since the beginning of time.

Wars end, and societies are blessed, and war again starts, and societies are cursed with dictators and evil powers, until the next wave in the frequency that ends the war. Society will be blessed again with good knowledge of technology that will further the progression of life in general.

The delusions and illusions will go on and on. We will swim in the delusional oceans and seas throughout this life, and be happy or sad. We will drown, or being saved by the lifeguards of this world.



WWW is a scam, but then I’m a hypocrite, cause I’m calling the kettle black. I’m cooking with my words as the stench emitting from that kettle. Though it’s being sold from a charlatan along the road to the info superhighway, as it’s being sold to the public.

The potential for good is there, but the potential bad is multiplying at an exponential rate, meaning a virtual war is taking place on the WWW’s battlefield… and the public is oblivious to it.

The future is not so certain, as it has been discussed in the past by some great thinkers.

I hope I didn’t depress you, with such a dim outlook of the universe we live in… maybe I’d be better off dead and never to talk again. God, knows I want to go home.


“The universe is a continuous web. Touch it at any point and the whole web quivers.”
― Stanley Kunitz


I just needed to vomit my frustrations with the world… WWW, ooops you upset my stomach.