Work you Would do for Free

— Work you Would do for Free —

I saw this movie called Waffle Street, and he was a financial advisor that worked for a firm on wall street, and made a bad deal, and was laid off… the thought of work you would do for free flew out the window, only to return at the end of the movie.

Then he went to look for work in the field of common people, and the rest was history.



The movie touched on what work you would do for free, cause the Father and Grandfather gave him money at the end of the movie to open up his own restaurant, but he went to talk with (Danny Glover)Edward the cook, and he said “what do you love so much, that you would do it for free?”.


That left me thinking of music, truth telling, research, just about anything that makes this world shine better.

With the tarnishing of wars and spilt blood, every piece of shining salvageable material, is a forgotten hope, showing that there’s always hope.


The stroke just about took all of my joy with music out of me. I’m trying to gain it again, but it seems like a lot of work to get back to where I was before the stroke.

I wasn’t that good before. So reaching that level again, is mediocre at my best.


I like the truth telling, it always gives me a high. Pretty much the same high you get from lies, but it’s a permanent high… where lies are temporary highs.

You have to tell another lie to get another high… and it’s usually attached to money and corruption. The business dealings with lies and corruptions is a dark existence within the shadows of power.


Research the shit out of, what anyone tells me. Discard the BS and cherish the truth.


I would do all of those things for free.