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Encryption: Right or Wrong

— Encryption: Right or Wrong — Encryption is it right or wrong? I don’t know, but I guess it leads to manipulations, and abuse of power. I see that http is old school,  and https is the new school. It’s filled with little zombies for their armies. I may be overly cynical in my views, …

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HTTP or HTTPS : Simplicities or Complexities


HTTP or HTTPS : Simplicities or Complexities   UPDATE: I finally thought about it, and realized I didn’t have to give up my http site, and now have the HTTPS site also. I don’t know why I thought of giving up the http site, when it’s the core of my blog. Well, I guess I …

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IP Madness

— IP Madness —   The amount of IPs is astronomical for one man to maintain in his mind, that IP 4 version, but the madness of the IP 6 version is astronomically more complicated, for the human mind to comprehend. I know it’s the amount of addresses that it addressees, but I fear there …

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