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Trees of Designs

Designs of Trees Trees of Designs Mainly Trees are Designed The Video is from Motivation Manifested. https://youtu.be/OFxgIDY__KA I was calling myself the “Trees”, but it faded, and Mom set me on the path to “Rain”. Now I’m growing slowly in the woods, and my life in the dark, growing slowly, and bending towards the daylight. …

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When We’re Bitter

    This was done in DaVinci Resolve 15.   It’s FREE too. It has its pluses and negatives, but I’m growing more in love with it, as I figure it out. The only thing is the negative part of editing, it makes me want to express my extreme displeasure… but that doesn’t do me any …

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Roland FA-06 With Sampling Keyboard

roland fa-06

— Roland FA-06 With Sampling Keyboard —       Multitrack MIDI and Sampler digital audio, the FA-06 opens doors to the development of future designs. Rather than the maniacal hype designs of constantly switching menu pages, with different layers of control, Roland has setup a more user friendly intuitive design. Where you could setup …

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