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Encryption: Right or Wrong

— Encryption: Right or Wrong — Encryption is it right or wrong? I don’t know, but I guess it leads to manipulations, and abuse of power. I see that http is old school,  and https is the new school. It’s filled with little zombies for their armies. I may be overly cynical in my views, …

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Brave ??? I wonder if it’s another fake ad

— Brave ??? I wonder if it’s another fake ad —   It is another attempt at ripping us off, or telling us the raw truth. It says it’s faster than other browsers, when I install it, I’ll give it a review.     Well, I installed it, and the my hope were crushed of …

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Firefox Changed the OPTIONS

— Firefox Changed the OPTIONS —   Mozilla is following Facebook in the updates, changing the interfaces where the user is at the mercy of the programmers. Well there is more browsers out there, Mozilla is not the only browser. I hate change that is more oppressive than helpful. In the “options” they changed the …

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